"DRC Ebola News (1/27/20)." CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, January 27, 2020. Accessed June 12, 2020.

Daily update for January 27th, 2019 on the Ebola outbreak in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

Photo Credit: Mike Stone/Getty Images

There were 1 new cases reported on January 27th.

DRC MoH Statistics/WHO AFRO Dashboard (as of January 27)

WHO AFRO Dashboard

Total cases: 3,418

  • Confirmed cases: 3,299
  • Probable cases: 119
  • Suspected cases: 494

Deaths: 2,239


  • 275,485 (Merck Vaccine)
  • 7,611 (Johnson & Johnson Vaccine)


Tweet by Helen Branswell – 1/26/20


I’m a bit behind on #Ebola updates. Friday: 0 cases, 0 deaths Saturday: 1 case, 0 deaths. There were only 5 cases in the week that ended Jan. 25. If that’s real, that’s great news. If. It’s. Real. I want to believe.

Tweet by David Gressly – 1/27/20


“It is important to me that we continue to build local capacities for good surveillance and good support for survivors after Ebola.” During security incidents, local teams have prevented a case outbreak and they have a vital role even during #PostEbola

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