"DRC Ebola News (10/25/19)." CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, October 25, 2019. Accessed June 12, 2020.

Daily update for October 25th, 2019 on the Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

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There were 4 new cases reported on October 24th.

No new case has been confirmed in Beni, North Kivu, for 1 month.

According to Veronika Skvortsova, Russian health minister, the country has developed a vaccine to cure Ebola which has demonstrated 100% effectiveness during tests on primates.

U.S. leads all donors in first comprehensive assessment of funding for Ebola outbreak in DRC.

Scientists Were Hunting for the Next Ebola. Now the U.S. Has Cut Off Their Funding

DRC MoH Statistics/WHO AFRO Dashboard (as of October 24)

WHO AFRO Dashboard

Total cases: 3,260

  • Confirmed cases: 3,143
  • Probable cases: 117
  • Suspected cases: 486

Deaths: 2,177

Vaccinated: 241,946

DRC Ebola: No new case confirmed for 1 month in Beni

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As Beni’s acting mayor confirms that a month has gone by without recording any confirmed Ebola case, there is a call for more vigilance within the city. “I want that we can reach 50, 100 days without registering a new case in the city, that will be possible thanks to the collaboration between population and the teams of response, even the press.” He said.

Russia ready to supply Ebola vaccine to Africa

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The new vaccine against Ebola is ready to supply it to Africa after the vaccine is registered. “Besides prevention methods, Russia has developed a unique vaccine to cure the Ebola fever, which has demonstrated 100% effectiveness during tests on primates. Its clinical research is currently being finalized. After this vaccine is registered, Russia will be ready to supply it to African countries,” Skvortsova stated. He added that Russia had developed a “dry” form of the vaccine which can be stored in “a regular domestic fridge,” to account for climatic conditions in Africa.

Data Note: Donor Funding for the Current Ebola Response in the DRC



From August 2018 through September 2019, around $546 million was provided by donors to address Ebola in the DRC. 54% was provided by donor governments bilaterally, including the U.S., with 44% provided by multilateral and international organizations and a 2% provided by non-profits. The U.S. provided the largest amount of support ($148 million), followed by the World Bank ($130 million), the World Health Organization (WHO) Contingency Fund for Emergencies ($73 million), the United Kingdom ($64 million), and the European Commission ($52 million). Only 50% of funding, including about a third of U.S. funding, was provided in direct support of the official DRC response plans, which guide national response strategy and enumerate resource needs.


Tweet by WHO African Region– 10/25/19


Community participation has been vital to building up a strong response for this #Ebola outbreak. Women from the Biakato community in #Ituri engage by helping to build a new coordination base. Their many contributions continue to strengthen the response.

Tweet by Ibrahima Socé Fall– 10/25/19


#Biakato Mine! Sometimes when you build bridges with communities, you need to get your hands only costed USD 7000 to fix this vital bridge ! #Ebola response

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