"DRC Ebola News (11/14/19)." CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, November 14, 2019. Accessed June 12, 2020.

Daily update for November 14th, 2019 on the Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

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There was 1 new case reported on November 14th.

An Ebola simulation exercise by authorities in Lesotho caused panic in the country and across the border in South Africa.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) confirms that the rollout of Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Ebola vaccine will soon begin.

Pandemic policy can learn from arms control

DRC MoH Statistics/WHO AFRO Dashboard (as of November 14)

WHO AFRO Dashboard

Total cases: 3,292

  • Confirmed cases: 3,174
  • Probable cases: 118
  • Suspected cases: 527

Deaths: 2,192

Vaccinated: 251,079

Lesotho Ebola simulation triggers concerns, South Africa allays fears



Reports indicated early Thursday morning that Lesotho’s health ministry mistakenly announced to the press that a woman from South Africa had been hospitalized after testing positive for Ebola. But South Africa’s National Institute for Communicable Diseases, NICD, clarified on Twitter that there was no such case of an Ebola positive patient at least in South Africa. “This was the first small scale field simulation exercise to test preparedness. The NICD BSL4 Lab has not been requested to test suspected Ebola cases for any neighbouring countries. As such, we have not had a positive Ebola case.” Lesotho authorities also confirmed that the earlier information was incorrect and that the case in point was a simulation exercise.

Rollout of Johnson & Johnson Ebola vaccine begins in Congo


By Fiston Mahamba and Hereward Holland, 11/14/19

The J&J vaccine, which has passed clinical trials but has never been tested in a real-world setting, will be administered to 50,000 people in Goma, MSF said in a statement. The vaccine, which requires two injections eight weeks apart, will be rolled out alongside another manufactured by Merck, which only requires a single shot. “The introduction of a second vaccine is not meant to replace [Merck’s] vaccine, but to complement it and hopefully provide us with an additional tool in the fight against future Ebola outbreaks,” said John Johnson, who is leading the project for MSF. The Merck shot is currently deployed in a strategy known as “ring vaccination”, which aims to control Ebola by identifying and offering the vaccine to contacts of those likely to be infected. The addition of the J&J vaccine will extend protection by providing it to “targeted at-risk populations” in areas where the disease is not yet being actively transmitted.


Tweet by The Reporter - Lesotho– 11/14/19



Tweet by Helen Branswell– 11/13/19


2. Smart move here. The #Ebola response met with deputies of the North Kivu provincial assembly who will be among the first people vaccinated with the new J&J Ebola vaccine when vaccination begins tomorrow in Goma. Lead by example.

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