"DRC Ebola News (11/18/19)." CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, November 18, 2019. Accessed June 12, 2020.

Daily update for November 18th, 2019 on the Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

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There were 4 new cases reported on November 18th.

No cases or deaths were reported over the weekend.

Doctors in DRC are now using local and faith leaders in vaccination drives targeting one of the most hard-to-access communities in the country - the Pygmies.

Threat to DRC journalists who cover measures to combat Ebola

DRC MoH Statistics/WHO AFRO Dashboard (as of November 18)

WHO AFRO Dashboard

Total cases: 3,296

  • Confirmed cases: 3,178
  • Probable cases: 118
  • Suspected cases: 422

Deaths: 2,194


  • 253,234 (Merck Vaccine)
  • 280 (Johnson & Johnson Vaccine)

Can local and faith leaders help halt the spread of Ebola in DRC?

Al Jazeera

By Catherine Soi, 11/17/19

The Pygmies have been historically marginalised - many are poor and live far from hospitals and schools, but to reach the goal of zero Ebola cases by the end of the year, doctors say that no one can be left out. Convincing local Pygmies to visit Ebola Treatment Centers or receive the vaccine the vaccine has been difficult. To convince them, community Pygmy leaders are now being utilized to talk to others. Pygmies also move very rapidly, and so villages and settlement members can be hard to reach. Vaccination drives are led by local community members are now being held to access these hard-to-access communities.


Tweet by Helen Branswell– 11/15/19


DRC President Felix Tshisekedi says he hopes the North Kivu #Ebola outbreak — in its 16th month — will end this year.

That’s almost impossible at this point. You have to go 42 days without a case before transmission can be declared over. 46 days left in 2019. Maybe early 2020?

Tweet by Africa Updates– 11/18/19


‏Communiqué of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the DRC on the assistance of Russia in the fight against Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Tweet by KTSM 9 News– 11/18/19


‏An Ebola scare caused a hospital in Louisana to shut down on Sunday.

Tweet by David Gressly– 11/16/19


We’ll never insist enough on the essential role played by survivors in the fight against #Ebola. They are #EverydayHeroes who should be celebrated and not stigmatised or discriminated against.

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