"DRC Ebola News (12/16/19)." CSIS Commission on Strengthening America's Health Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies, December 16, 2019. Accessed August 09, 2020.

Daily update for December 16th, 2019 on the Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

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There were 2 new cases reported on December 16th.

Violence continues to prevent health workers from accessing critical areas affected by Ebola contributing to a rise in cases. DRC officials are investigating a recent spike which they suspect may be connected to an individual who appears to have contracted the disease a second time.

DRC MoH Statistics/WHO AFRO Dashboard (as of December 16)

WHO Africa Dashboard

Total cases: 3,348

  • Confirmed cases: 3,230
  • Probable cases: 118

- Suspected cases: 437

Deaths: 2,213


-257,521 (Merck Vaccine)

-1,890 (Johnson & Johnson Vaccine)

Dr Jean-Jacques Muyembe: ‘The number of Ebola cases is increasing but we are going to take matters into our own hands’

Provinces 26 RDC via H5N1, 12/16/19

The technical secretary of the multisectoral committee for the response to the Ebola virus disease in the DRC, Dr Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tanfum, confirms the increase in cases of Ebola patients, after the recent armed attacks against the response teams in Biakato in the province of Ituri. “We are seeing the number of cases starting to increase here and there, but we are not giving up. We believe that in the coming days we will take matters into our own hands. [We must] restore security with the help of MONUSCO, with our Armed Forces of the DRC and the Police to have more security around the treatment centers and the accommodation of our agents,” said Dr Muyembe.

Spike in Ebola cases alarms health officials in DRC

Reuters, 12/13/19

Health officials are investigating an alarming spike in Ebola cases in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with many blamed on a single individual who appears to have contracted the disease for a second time this year. Amid the struggle to bring the 16-month outbreak under control, the World Health Organization noted an almost 300% increase in cases in the last three weeks, with 17 of 27 linked to a single chain of transmission. Among the possibilities being examined are reinfection with the disease – which would ring the most serious alarm bells as no case of reinfection has ever been recorded before.

Rebel attack on eastern Congo city leaves at least 6 dead

AP News, 12/14/19

Rebels again attacked a city at the center of the Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo, killing at least six people including a pregnant woman, witnesses and officials said Saturday. Meanwhile, Congolese health authorities said a spate of recent violence in the area has allowed the Ebola virus to spread further, a new setback in the 16-month outbreak. Repeated attacks by ADF rebels and other armed groups also have disrupted health workers’ efforts to contain Ebola, which has killed more than 2,200 people in this outbreak. Vaccination teams at times have been unable to reach those most at risk because of the threat of violence.


Tweet by WHO Africa Region – 12/14/19


This 12km new road, built by @WHO logistics team in #DRC, @MinSanteRDC & local teams, cuts travel time between #Ngoyo & #Kyanzaba to 1 hour (from 4). It will give health workers speedier access to #Ebola hotspots & help farmers & traders transport produce to markets faster.

Tweet by David Gressly – 12/15/19


Communities affected #Ebola often have profound economic and social consequences after the epidemic has passed. They need additional support, including access to primary health care or clean water. #OnEstEnsemble#PostEbola

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